Hindsight - now on audio!

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Here's some information about the Audio Performance of "Hindsight" from my producer/engineer Jimmy Michaels :

Many have asked for it and now it's finally here! The one-man show audio performance of "Hindsight : True Love And Mischief In The Golden Age Of Porn". It's available for purchase at Bandcamp for only $25.00 at the link you see at the top of this post. Just click the link, then click on the words "Buy Digital Album" and you're ready to go!

Even if you've read the book, this is a completely different experience well worth taking the ride. Think of this as a film or TV mini series version for the ears and imagination. Over 16 hours of audio presented in 39 installments so you can conveniently listen to it in 15 - 30 minute blocks over time.

Also, just like a film or mini series, there's even a theme song to "Hindsight" included that was written and performed by yours truly featuring none other than the fabulous and ever so talented Sharon Kane on lead vocal (yes! THAT Sharon Kane!). "Theme From Hindsight" is also available separately for streaming on Spotify, Youtube, etc as a stand alone music single release if you'd like to listen to it right away before checking out the audio performance.

And speaking of music singles, Howie even recorded a song in relation to this project! Although not included with the project, it's been released as its own digital single which he will tell you more about and share it in a separate post. Thanks for reading folks, and please do go and check out the one-man show audio performance of "Hindsight"!

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