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The Firehouse Theater with Richard Fish

8:00PM to 10:00PM Eastern Time

91.3 and 98.1 in Bloomington, 106.3 in Elletsville, 100.7 in Nashville,
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Another stream (perhaps more reliable) can be found at

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TONIGHT: WFHB went on the air at noon on January 4, 1993, and the
following Sunday I hosted the first Firehouse Theatre show. Both the
station as a whole, and Firehouse Theatre, will be celebrating our 30th
Anniversary all year long.
        Tonight, I'm going to put the Firesign Theatre in the spotlight. We'll
hear two cuts from their very first album, which was featured on that
first show. We'll also hear the one and only time all four of them
called in live, back in 1999, and you can listen to me trying to get a
word in edgewise.
        David Ossman and Phil Proctor, the surviving members of the group, will
both be calling in (separately) to chat on the air, and the show will
finish with their brilliant Comeback album, GIVE ME IMMORTALITY OR GIVE
ME DEATH, which was all about Y2K -- a subject which seems to be coming
back into popularity among young folk, I've heard.
        For the first time in a couple of years, tonight I'm going to go down
to the station and broadcast live from the studios there. As a result,
I'm not quite sure of the starting times of the various segments, so
there's no detailed listing below.
        But it should be a lot of fun!  See you on the radio...

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The Firehouse Theatre: Sunday 8-10 PM Eastern Time (UTC -5) over
WFHB-FM, 91.3 -- streamed live at

Another stream (perhaps more reliable) can be found at

Shows are archived for 2 weeks, listen anytime at by setting the date and time to when
the show was on -- in Eastern time or possibly in your own zone.

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