Harry Langdon Jr. Interview with BearManor Media

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Harry Langdon Jr. Interview with BearManor Media, Dec. 2022

Q - Please tell us about yourself.

HL - I am Harry Langdon,  a celebrity photographer, and the son of legendary comedic actor Harry Langdon who was one of Hollywood’s first major stars!

 Q - You have had quite a career, who are some of the subjects you’ve photographed?

HL - I have been blessed in my own career as a photographer to have captured over 50 years of iconic faces such as Frank Sinatra, Diana Ross, Ann-Margaret, Cher, Aretha Franklin, Dwayne Johnson, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney and thousands of others.

Q – Can you tell us about “Nothing on a Stage is Permanent: the Harry Langdon Scrapbook”?

HL - This book on my father is one that I am extremely happy with.  People who have had a chance to read it are thrilled with how much Hollywood history is in it.  It is really a time capsule of how Hollywood began in a way.  Beyond that it has the best collection of my father’s photos and biographical information ever put in one book.  It is a fabulous gift to give anyone interested in the early years of Hollywood. In fact,  The new movie “Babylon” that is coming out with Brad Pitt  is ironically supposed to be taking place during the transition of Hollywood silent films to talkies.  And while the movie is fictional, my father lived and worked during this time period.  He had to make that tricky transition as an actor.

Q – How did you go about creating it?

HL - I was contacted by Brian Anthony who had recently published “The Charley Chase Scrapbook.”  Charley was a good friend of my fathers, so we agreed to meet.   I saw how well he did on Mr. Chase’s book so we naturally began to talk about doing a similar one for my father’s life.  I had many original photos, some going back as far as 1890, contracts, writings, drawings, paintings.  My father was a wonderful artist as well as a writer .  He wrote scripts for Laurel and Hardy which many people are not aware of.   I wanted all of this work to be shared with the many fans he still has out there!

Q – What was the writing process?

HL - Brian and I began to work together right away.  I had been wanting to release a book on my father for a long time.  I lost him when I was only ten years old so it was important to me.  I had so many vivid memories.  I gave Brian my notes and he began editing them.  There was a lot of back and forth.  He would send me a chapter at time and I would review them and request changes if I felt it needed any.  We made a good team.

Q  - How was the scrapbook created from a technical standpoint?

HL – Brian’s writing  partner is Bill Walker, an exceptional graphic artist.  Bill put everything together as we requested, and he had some ideas as well that we incorporated.  He took the book to the next level.   We all added a creative element so the book is a visual treat for all ages.



Q – Any last thoughts?

HL - Yes, this book is something I am very proud of.  But beyond that it is something that young and old will enjoy looking at and reading through.  I have received so many wonderful comments and reviews.  Most people are just truly astonished to learn all the things my father did and the history of early Hollywood.  As I said earlier the book would make a great gift for anyone!

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