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No James Bond fan can miss the next broadcast of’s “Flashback!”


That’s because on Mon. Jan. 16, online radio’s “Flashback” continues its James Bond avalanche   with a new interview with James L. Neibaur & Gary Schneeberger, co-authors of From Connery to Craig: The James Bond Film Series. Nobody knows more than these two gents so expect lots of surprises and insights you might not have known all these years when these guys swap stories and perspectives with fellow Bond aficionado Wes Britton and co-host Karina Kantas!

We flesh out this lively conversation with a vintage interview with Rob Weiner, editor of James Bond in World and Popular Culture: The Films are Not Enough. That indispensable 2010 collection of 40 essays looks at the realm of 007 from a wide, interdisciplinary range of perspectives that have earned a long-standing stamp of respect from the 007 fan universe. 

Catch all the excitement next Monday, Jan. 16,  at 7:00 P.M. (East and West)   over- is also available on TuneIn, Alexa,   Google, and other streaming platforms.


Coordinated with these interviews, Wes Britton’s


website offers selected excerpts from these books, including the experts who appeared on last week’s show, Kathryn Harkup, author of SUPERSPY SCIENCE: Science, Death and Tech in the World of James Bond and Simon Firth, author of travelogues to James Bond sites in the Bahamas and Europe.

Happy 70th anniversary 007 from all your fans at “Flashback” and!


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