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Joe Martelle named to Maine Broadcasting Hall of Fame

Explore every aspect of personality radio—from the history of pioneer broadcasters to how to become a successful personality. Forty-one-year radio pro Joe Martelle also brings together a richly-varied selection of candid comments on the subject from over 150 of America’s best broadcasters, seasoned pros, who tell it like it is and what it takes to be a successful air and on-line personality. 


"Containing 736 pages with hundreds of photos, Radio Pro is enlightening, informative and thought provoking for both the radio student and those interested in personality radio. Congratulations on getting the book done and out! I know how hard that is and I admire your dedication . . . I hope you enjoy every minute of joy as you hear from people across the country."- Nancy Widmann, former president of CBS Radio


"Just beautiful artwork and a great-looking book. When I opened to a random page, I was glued. Congratulations! I know you poured your heart into this one and a book like this will be read for generations of Radio Pros to come!"- Dave Ryan, Top rated Morning Drive Personality, KDWB-101.3, Minneapolis, MN

RADIO BOOK YOU HAVE TO READ: Radio legend Joe Martelle has just released a book titled “Radio Pro: Radio Pros and Legends Share Their Secrets to Success.”  If you’re looking to master the art of radio, this is the book to get.  The Morning Skoop’s own Steven Dee has contributed to “Radio Pro.”  “Radio Pro” is actually several books in one, covering every aspect of personality radio -  If you’re really serious about your radio show, buy this book.
- Steven Dee, daily radio show prep service

I think you did an amazing job! ?It's a great read and right up my alley as a broadcaster. I agree with so much of the things in your book and do does my GM, who is ordering ten copies of Radio Pro, so I can hand them out to my staff.
- Mark McCray, Radio 1, Dallas

You've really done a service for up and comers as well as us veterans---finally the story told through the eyes of the pros, championed by you, one of the all time great pros!
- Jordan Rich, WBZ- Boston

You certainly put together an exceptional history of radio and the emotions, challenges and rewards of being behind the wonderful “MiC” and the illusions created on the other end for the listener!
- Surfer Joe

"Radio Pro" takes you behind the mic with super 'Morning Man" Joe Martelle. This inside look at broadcasting is a must read for anyone with aspirations for a career in radio. "Good Guy" Joe, my friend, you really nailed it! You wrote a fascinating, fun book. I loved it and I'm sure that all radio fans and everyone who reads it will too. "
- Harry Harrison, Morning-Drive talent, WCBS-FM, New York City

"A great reference book for everyone associated with the radio industry."
- Radio Recall

I wish you great success with your book. It should be a text book for anyone looking to make a career in radio. My best wishes to you!
- Joel Whitburn, Author/Publisher of over 80 Record Research volumes

What Joe Martelle doesn’t know about 20th Century broadcasting isn’t worth knowing. Yes, Joe tackles the business and show business sides of radio – the how to portions of this book would be enough reason to buy and read it. But, to my delight, I discovered that Joe’s one hell of a storyteller too.

“Radio Pro” takes you behind the microphone and behind the scenes by telling twisted tales of  how rock ‘n roll and radio grew up together. It’s not all pretty, but it is all real.  But above all, “Radio Pro” is a love story, one that shines a light on a generation of men and women who made their dreams come true when they discovered themselves on the radio.
- Bob Shannon, former Chairman/; former Exec. VP/COO/TM Century; Author – “Turn It Up! American Radio Tales 1946-1996

Seems to me that your book should be required reading at places like Cumulus Broadcast Group and others. Radio Pro includes many things that new people on their way up in radio should know, but probably don't.
- Dick Summer

I feel your book is a great history of broadcasting. The Godfreys and the Breakfast Club were an insightful description of those radio pioneers. Also examples of how radio personalities who were successful remained truthful to themselves is most interesting. Overall, the book gives a good general outline of the radio industry. The interview techniques and other approaches to interviewing are valid in any field that deals with the public. Overall, Radio Pro is both history and a manual for anyone interested in pursuing a career in broadcasting.
- Mark LaPointe - Portland, ME. former Peace Corps worker and international envoy
I am excited to write a review for Joe Martelle's book How to be a Radio Pro. I am not involved in the radio industry, but enjoyed reading the book. Joe gives many insightful examples that are both entertaining and informative. I feel as though the messages given throughout the book are helpful in all walks of life. The preparation and passion Joe demonstrates throughout the book are very evident, and can help anyone in any job setting...but especially the radio industry. I highly recommend this book to anyone pursuing a career in radio.                        
- Mike Etchart, DVM - Fruita, CO

Interview by WCSH6

Ten Questions with Joe Martelle

From Wendy Foy on Facebook: A big shout out this morning to Joe Martelle, my dad's friend and saddle-pal of many years. Dad wrote the forward to his great book "Radio Pro"(  - worth checking out. Thank you Joe for your kind words about our dad. See more at

The contributors to this book are all multi year pros in the business both Nationally and locally and they offer stories, ideas and tips that would help interested people in show business (Radio and TV especially). As a 50 year pro who is in the book (disclosure) and is a friend of the author who is a long time professional I can well recommend this tome to success. This could be your launch to a great career!

Tom Shannon