Book Review by Brad Zinn, Brad Zinn Entertainment Enterprises:
Peggy Adler and Dibirma Jean have compiled an exhaustive compendium of the history of the Pallenberg  Bears.   I do not believe anything else like this exists in its depth and breadth.  I'm certain this will be the "go to" research book in the future if anyone wants to learn their story. There is an historical time-line, copious photo's, a family genealogy, an extensive Glossary, and a copy of the handwritten memoir of Emil!   This is all backed up by a comprehensive Bibliography.  All in all this is a breathtaking publication. The Pallenbergs should be honored to have their family history so enshrined and so well documented.  And Peggy Adler and Dibirma Jean Burnham should receive the accolades they so richly deserve for their incredible efforts.






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