"Listen to the Rain" Q & A with Michael Dante

"Listen to the Rain Q & A" with Michael Dante

1 - Why did you write "Listen to the Rain"?

As an actor in my younger days, I wanted to play the role of a ballplayer, with a twist. So, I authored this story.

2 – What is the story about?

The complex journey of a young man chasing his dream and finding love along the way.

3 – Why is this story important to you?

The dramatic, complex story gives an actor with athletic ability the opportunity to play this interesting role.

4 – Do you have a favorite character in the book?

Michael Randall, the leading character.

5 – How did you get the idea to author this story?

I played professional baseball and had a relevant story in mind.

6 – This is your sixth published book by BearManor Media. Your award-winning autobiography, your radio show book and three westerns. Are you mostly known for your westerns?

It is my versatility as an actor and an author that I’m known for.

7 – Do you have a certain style of writing?

Yes, all my stories read like a screenplay. I created that style of writing to attract filmmakers.

8 – Who do you admire most in baseball?

Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio.

9 – Do you have a favorite baseball team?

The L.A. Dodgers and the Anaheim Angels.

10 – What about this story involves ‘baseball with a twist?’

Read it and you’ll know. It’s different

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