"Red Cameras Roll", the complete book and lyrics of the Bette Davis/Joseph McCarthy era musical arrives May 12th


Red Cameras Roll
The Complete Book and Lyrics
of the Musical

The year is 1955. The time is the Red Scare, when communist witch hunts and blacklisting destroyed countless Hollywood careers. Fading film star Brenda Dayton is on location in a  small town, surreptitiously making a movie, Storm Center, that dares to address these attacks on free speech. Two locals cast in bit parts, Jenny and boyfriend Bill, suffer a fallout over Jenny’s infatuation with the star. And when a women’s club, getting wind of the film’s true theme, urges Dayton to walk off the set, Jenny comes passionately to her defense. The two draw closer as a public protest turns ugly, leading to an outcome neither could have imagined. Here’s your front row seat all the way to final curtain!

"A compelling examination of the Red Scare's effect on Hollywood"
– Margo Lion Ltd, New York

“A moving and ever-poignant piece about the silencing of art and free thought.”
– Amy Levinson, Geffen Playhouse

“Through fun lyrics and well developed characters, this musical commendably tackles serous issues, such as freedom of speech, in a thought-provoking manner…communicated with a healthy dose of humor.”
– Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles

Available on Amazon May 12
or from the publisher: BearManorMedia.com

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