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On Monday Feb. 13, KSAV’s “Flashback” dives 70 years into TV history with Bonnie Bartlett Daniels. Her small screen career began in the soaps in 1955. Then she worked with the likes of Jackie Gleason, Patty Duke, worked in recurring roles in Little House on the Prairie and St. Elsewhere where she made TV history  in 1986; she and husband William Daniels became the first married couple to win acting awards for the same TV series on the same night.    She never slowed down.  You saw her on the Golden Girls, Parks and Recreation, and Better Call Saul before publishing her new memoir, “Middle of the Rainbow at the age of 93.

“Flashback” also offers a vintage interview by Wes Britton with Ralph Malph himself, Donnie Most of course, who has lots more to sing about than Happy Days!  In fact, we focus on his swingin’ singin’ career and his love of Bobby Darin! Yep, we play a few samples of what he can belt out on stage!

That’s Monday Feb. 13 at 7:00 p.m. ( East and West)  over-




Find out more about Middle of the Rainbow by Bonnie Bartlett Daniels at :




Check out Don Most’s 2017 album, Mostly Swinging at:



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