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"Hey Ben, here are some pictures you can share about the Stephen King Rules Dollar Baby film fest at Alternating Currents festival in Davenport, Iowa last weekend (August 19th-21st, 2022).  I was there to interview & entertain Stephen King Dollar Babies as well as fans in the audience and watching around the world. It was seen by 10's of 1000's of people online on Youtube streaming.  I also was there as a representative of Bear Manor Media Publishing and to talk about my book, STEPHEN KING DOLLAR BABY:The Book by Anthony Northrup.  *pictures of me and the guys are Dollar Baby directors who came.  The girl holding my book is from Derry Public Radio. And the group picture is all the co-hosts and Derry Public Radio who put on the fest."

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  • Matt Davis on

    I’m a huge Stephen King fan. I’m a fan of his written works and a fan of the adaptations of his works into movies. I’ll admit, like all King fans, some of the movies miss the mark and some get it pretty close. However, until about four or five years ago, I wasn’t familiar with Stephen King’s Dollar Baby Program.
    Sometime around the late 1970s or early 1980s, Mr. King started the Dollar baby program in which aspiring film students could adapt one of his short stories into film for 1 dollar.
    As an avid SK fan, I feel the need to get my hands on any and every book which has anything to do with my favorite author. Recently, I had the opportunity to add Anthony Northrup’s ‘Stephen King DOLLAR BABY: The Book to my growing collection and I’m so glad I did.
    DOLLAR BABY is an incredibly fast and informative read. It was hard to believe a non-fiction book, roughly 550 pages long could move so fast and keep me so entertained.
    This book is the definitive reference for anything relating to the wonderful world of Stephen King’s short stories and those that have been adapted as Dollar Babies.
    It provides introductions and interviews with the directors of the Dollar Baby films, as well as their personal insights and opinions regarding Stephen King’s works and how they were influenced by them.
    Anthony, being an award-winning journalist himself, spent countless hours conducting research and interviews with not only the directors but gathering anything and everything informative about Stephen King’s Dollar Baby program and wrapped it into a neat little package with a bow on top. This is a great read in general and must-read book for any Stephen King fan. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a copy (signed by the author himself). I highly recommend it to any Stephen King fan. Oh, and I should mention, according to the author, a sequel is in the future, and you can bet I’ll be acquiring a copy of it as soon as it’s available.
    There’s a reason this book has recently been listed on Amazon’s Top-Ten List.

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