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Keep That Day Job!  
How to Enjoy Chasing Showbiz Without Going Mad

David H. Lewis *

From the fifty (yes, fifty) jobs he held down to keep the pay checks coming in, author and playwright David H. Lewis  (Broadway Musicals: A Hundred Year History; Inside the Changing Circus; Those Ringlings: The Complete Book and Lyrics) regales readers with a fast-moving panorama through workplace America.

Driven by Broadway opening night dreams, Keep That Day Job! takes you on the author's wild ride back and forth between  ...
* Cleaning out rental cars in Oakland, and dining high on Park Avenue a few days later, with New York literary agent Bertha      Klausner and Clare Booth Luce. .
* Walking a rail yard by night recording box car numbers, and the next, meeting with French mime Marcel Marceau to discuss a Mother Goose screenplay. 
* Typing out letters for a chemical company in Hollywood, and being handed by the office manager a rave review in Variety of his new musical Those Ringlings.    
This rare tell-all is sure to strike familiar chords with aspiring dreamers in the performing arts, and it should prove especially useful to talented young readers taking their own first steps into the nine-to-five of life.          

Candor on stage: Lewis pulls no punches in recounting his colorful, hit-and-miss involvements in theater.
Richly illustrated with dozens of photos. From prune picking in Santa Rosa to circus clowning, press agent to roller skating instructor to accidental librarian for Oakland’s largest law firm,  Keep That Day Job! rolls on like a three-ring circus juggling day jobs with showbiz adventures on the side.
* aka: David Lewis Hammarstrom

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