Circus Historical Society's past President's Critique & the CHS' YouTube Link to "Circus History Live!"

Here's what Don Covington, past President of the Circus Hostorical Society (CHS) had to say -- after watching Peggy Adler and Dibirma Jean Burnham being interviewed by Circus Historian Chris Berry in the December 17, 2023 edition of "Circus History Live!"  "I was enthralled by the depth of information on the Pallenbergs and their bears and by the interconnections between the family and so many other circus notables. I'm sure other circus historians would join me in thanking you for highlighting the major influence that the Pallenbergs had on popular entertainment. The images were absolutely fascinating. Including them in the presentation brought a whole new dimension to the discussion. My congratulations to everyone involved for a delightful excursion into circus history."  If you missed the show, you can catch it at CHS' youtube channel

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