Nominated for the 2024 RONDO AWARD

— GEORGE PAL: Man of Tomorrow, by Justin Humphreys (BearManor Media, softcover, 672 pages, $52).

— GIANT BEAST CINEMA, edited by Steven Peros and Mark Bailey (BearManor Media, softcover, 142 pages, $22). Contributors survey 33 classic giants, from apes to colossal men and women.

 — SOLDIER: From Script to Screen, by Danny Stewart (BearManor Media, softcover, 144 pages, $22). Behind-the-scenes, essays and interviews about the 1998 sci-fi film.

— PLATINUM WIDOW: Who Killed Jean Harlow’s Husband, by Gregory William Mank (BearManor Media, softcover, 358 pages, $33). Film luminaries appear in this latest  ‘Porter Down Hollywood Mystery


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