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Finalist for The Marfield Prize, aka The National Award for Arts Writing, from the Arts Club of Washington

Allan Lane has been a mystery almost as long as he's been seen on a movie screen. His audiences have varied over many years. Some know him as the never officially recognized voice of TV's famous talking horse, Mister Ed. Some remember him as Red Ryder, the comic book Western hero-come-to-life at the Saturday afternoon matinee. Some remember him as Rocky Lane, yet another Western good guy, and a name that became synonymous with his own.


Allan began working at the age of six. He later owned his own successful photography advertising agency. He started his love/hate relationship with acting at the age of sixteen in plays performed from city to city to ultimately make his way to Broadway. His movie career began in 1929 as leading man to Barbara Stanwyck, Loretta Young, and Joan Fontaine, among many. He appeared in many other television series, including Gunsmoke (1958-1961), Wagon Train (1958), and Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1958). 


Discover the full scope of the complicated life of Allan "Rocky" Lane.

Illustrated. 318 pages.

"I started reading about 2:00 this afternoon and finished a few minutes ago! Could not put it down! You did a wonderful job. You are not only a marvelous researcher; you write beautifully. And movingly! ... Congratulations! I hope you sell a zillion copies!"
- Tinsley Yarbrough

"Linda Alexander has painstakingly researched and uncovered heretofore unknown facts and information about 'Rocky' that gives us a fuller and more truthful picture of the man."
- Western Clippings

"Fun" - Western Clippings

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