About Us

"What does a panda have to do with old-time radio?"
"What does BearManor Media mean? Do you live on a mountain?"
"Why is BearManor one word?"

Well, even we aren't sure how to answer those. But the logo is cute, isn't it?

Ben Ohmart here, and I started this publishing company in 2001, as a writer. I learned how hard it was to tap into the mainstream market with what is essentially nostalgia fodder. So I published The Great Gildersleeve myself. Then I learned something important. I seemed to enjoy the publishing side more than the writing side, so, when I began to get offers to publish other people's work (Jane Kean was one of the first), I began doing what I love full time. It still doesn't seem like work. And I know now that that's the greatest life of all.

We've been putting out more titles lately - some hot stuff too. So, THANK YOU, for all your support.

Ben Ohmart

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