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ISBN 9781629332727

Old Time Radio fans remember William Conrad from Suspense (1947-1959), Escape (1947-1954), and Gunsmoke (1952-1961). Film Noir devotees recognize him in The Killers (1946), Body and Soul (1947),Sorry, Wrong Number (1948), and One Way Street (1950). Television viewers know him from Cannon (1971-1996) and Jake and the Fatman(1987-1992), and Nero Wolfe (1981).

That he was an American World War II fighter pilot in the United States Army Air Corps with the rank of Captain and a producer-director of the Armed Forces Radio Service, as well as a film producer/director at Warner Bros., and later a singer, has never been fully revealed . . . until now. 

Author Charles Tranberg discloses the facts behind his feats, including Conrad’s tremendous radio, film, and television credits, his memorable productions, and those that brought him from sound speakers to sound stages, including Quinn Martin, Lee Horsley, Joe Penny, Andy Griffith, Dean Hargrove, Fred Silverman, Howard McNear, John Wayne, James Arness, and Jack Webb. 

William Conrad. Conscientious professional. Congenial gentleman. Consumate actor. Discover his full story in the first ever richly researched biography.  

Illustrated. Index. Bibliography.  

About the author: Charles Tranberg’s other works include I Love the Illusion: The Life and Career of Agnes Moorehead; Not So Dumb: The Life and Career of Marie Wilson; Fred MacMurray: A Biography; The Thin Man Films: Murder Over Cocktails, Robert Taylor: A Biography; Walt Disney & Recollections of the Disney Studios: 1955-1980; Fredric March: A Consummate Actor.

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