When The Topic Is Sex by Ed Wood (ebook)
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When The Topic Is Sex by Ed Wood (ebook)

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When The Topic Is Sex

© 2022 Edward D. Wood Jr


556 pages


Ed Wood, Jr. was much more than a character played by Johnny Depp in the Oscar winning bio-pic Ed Wood … nor was he the “Worst Director of All Time” as declared in 1980 by the Medved brothers in their Golden Turkey Awards book … Ed was a prolific writer, both adult novels, over 50 known titles … but a writer of short fiction and what were called “articles” for noted L.A. Publisher Bernie Bloom. 60 of Ed’s short stories are compiled in “Angora Fever” published by Bear Manor, and now we have nearly 80 “articles” or essays Ed produced, not exactly “fiction” but most the product of Ed’s fevered mind driven by deadlines and alcohol. When The Topic Is Sex, is the largest collection of these to ever see the light of day. Compiled, edited and with a foreword by a close friend of Ed’s widow, Kathy, Bob Blackburn. With an introduction by noted pop-culture author Bill Shute. This is a rare look at one of history’s most misunderstood figures. Enjoy!


Cover illustration by Evan Quiring, colorist Diego Vazquez.

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