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WEAPON OF CHOICE by Janette Anderson

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No one ever told her that this was real life.
“Weapon of Choice is whiz-bang action, adventure, and suspense.”
– Marilynn and Jerry London, Director and Producer
“Weapon of Choice is action packed, great characters, and many twists and turns. A great read.”
– Christopher J. Gambino, Nicole Productions
“Janette Anderson is a female author who has successfully captured the mystique of her male character. A rip-roaring adventure story of men, a woman, and the land.”
– Jim Byrnes, Writer and Producer
Janette Anderson was born in England, but now resides in Los Angeles as a US citizen. After earning her degree in communications, she traveled round the world, and then began a career as a celebrity journalist interviewing over 500 stars. Graduating from the WGA as a signatory agent, Ms. Anderson opened her own company arranging parties for the stars, including one for Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott. Now she spends her time both writing and producing her books to films. From the first series, The Kane Branson series of five books, comes Kane, and closely followed by Sons of the Father, both to be films next year. Weapon of Choice, dedicated to Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, Barry Bostwick, and Eric Fleming, hopefully will one day be a third film.

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