To Doris with Love, From Woody Day My Days with Doris Day (hardback)
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To Doris with Love, From Woody Day My Days with Doris Day (hardback)

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To Doris with Love, From Woody Day

My Days with Doris Day

© 2022 Syd Wood

90 pages


ISBN 9781629338743      

Over the course of her lifetime, singer/actress Doris Day had many helpers and assistants.  This is the story of Sydney Wood, a man who devoted most of his life to her.  From childhood to retirement, he was a fan, friend, companion, and loyal servant.

Syd was born in England and came to America as a young man to work for Doris.  He cared for her pets and cleaned her house.  He served as her gardener and took care of her pool.  He was a jack-of-all-trades, even helping her dye her hair.

For over two decades, Syd shared a daily routine with Doris and the many 4-legged members of her household, first in Beverly Hills and later in Carmel.  He witnessed many changes in her life and was a constant source of caring support and comfort for her.  Doris and Syd were more than employer/employee—they were also best friends who relied and depended on each other during good times and bad.


Syd was also very close to Doris’ son, Terry Melcher, who affectionately nicknamed him “Woody Day.” They shared many adventures and were both dedicated to keeping Doris safe and happy.  


Following his many years of service to Doris, Syd moved to Virginia where he started his own cleaning and gardening business.  He and his partner, Scott, are now retired and live in Maine.  Syd is grateful to be able to share some of his memories of his life with Doris in this book.  His love for her will never end.