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THEMES FROM MY FATHER by Janet Cantor Gari (paperback)

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Eddie Cantor was a famous comedian and often a lot of fun to be with, but basically he was a serious man, a devout patriot and a champion for justice.

He made sure his daughters grew up with a strong sense of responsibility and urged them to participate, not just to talk.

Janet is his youngest and only living daughter, and through her we become aware of the convictions with which he endowed his family.

ISBN 9781593932305

About the Author

JANET CANTOR GARI is a native New Yorker, daughter of comedian Eddie Cantor, and mother of singer-songwriter-author Brian Gari and singer-actress Amanda Abel.

Having been told all her life that her mother was unwittingly as funny as her father and that she should write a book about her, Janet did just that. It’s called Don’t Wear Silver in the Winter, also published by BearManor Media.

With the success of that book, Janet was emboldened to write a book about herself and her droll and sometimes downright absurd experiences. That title is Stop the World—I Want to Tell Someone Off!

She’s still in that mode with her latest publication, the political journey entitled Themes from My Father, which you now hold in your hand.

Remembering Janet Cantor Gari