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Two-time Bond Girl Nadja Regin (From Russia With Love and Goldfinger) may have lost James Bond’s affection, but her re-emergence as author of one of the great love stories of our past unveils an unknown talent that would have made Pussy Galore jealous.  

Can a war-torn romance between an idealistic poet and a beautiful dancer survive the ravages of World War II and the crushed aftermath of Communist-occupied Yugoslavia?  


The turbulent love story of Marko Bozdan and Maria Maric rekindles during a brief but passionate reunion in London in the 1970s. Disillusioned by the dehumanizing cruelty of war and a twisting trail of death and destruction, Marko finds renewed faith in his overwhelming love for the dancer, but her complex psyche, distorted by traumatic memories, renders her incapable of deep emotions and susceptible to deceit. Bitter separations, soul-stirring reconciliations, and courageous endurance unfold against an ever-changing backdrop of collapsing civilizations and turbulent tomorrows.


Be swept away by the ebook edition exclusively from BearManor Media. 


About the author: Nadja Poderegin earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Academy of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade University, where she simultaneously read French Language and Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy. She embarked on an acting career as “Nadja Regin,” and appeared in more than forty films and television plays in Yugoslavia, Germany, England, Austria, and New Zealand, such as From Russia With Love (1963) and Goldfinger (1964). She is also the author of The Puppet Planet and translated from Serbo-Croat into English Svitanje (The Dawning) by her mother, Milka Bajic Poderegin, which was published in Great Britain, the USA, Canada, and in France (Le Point du Jour).