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The Vampire's Tomb Mystery (ebook)

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Funerals; for most of us the trappings of the funeral parlor and

the finality of the cemetery commemorates the end, but for an

actor like Armand Tesla, who was best remembered for his vampire

roles, a funeral is only the beginning. Armand Tesla was to

be buried in his vampire costume, but obviously the aged star of

stage and screen horror was not yet ready to ring down the final

curtain. No, it would not be nearly so easy to bury such a restless

corpse. So be prepared for a case of a body that won't stay put

and the tale of a struggling young movie director with more ambition

than talent who turns up missing at the vampire's last bow.

Indeed, my friends, this will prove to be just the kind of case that

only a psychic Hollywood detective like Charles Criswell King,

aided by Famous Monster Forrest J Ackerman, can solve. So,

gentle reader, be prepared for a tale of creaking doors and empty

coffins, of gunshots in the night and damsels in distress, all part of

"The Vampire's Tomb Mystery."