The Ultimate Halloween Movie Experience (hardback)
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The Ultimate Halloween Movie Experience (hardback)

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 ISBN 9781629339641

The Ultimate Halloween Movie Experience

by Scotty McCoy

Foreword by Jamie Lee Curtis


364 pages



“When I was being interviewed by Scotty McCoy for his book it was so much fun remembering all the wonderful people that had worked on that film.”

- Ana Alicia, star of Halloween II (1981)


“Halloween III truly has been the gift that keeps on giving as NONE of us anticipated its cult status decades later … It's all quite surreal - and lots of fun!!”

- Stacey Nelkin, star of Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)


The Ultimate Halloween Movie Experience is a unique and inspiring take on Hollywood’s classic Halloween franchise. Horror film aficionado Scotty McCoy has conducted 16 original and insightful interviews with cast and crew members across a large cross-section of Halloween movies and has compiled a highly innovative trivia section at the back of the book to test and expand readers knowledge of the Halloween franchise across the spectrum of films produced. This book is a must - have for all fans of the Halloween films.


SCOTTY McCOY is the author of five books, including The Ultimate Friday the 13th Trivia Book. He is the founder of Gravestone Films, and their first film Samhain was released in October 2020. He lives in Woodlawn, Maryland.


KIM GOTTLIEB-WALKER is the author of On the Set with John Carpenter and she was the official still photographer for Halloween 1 and 2. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband.