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THE REVENGE OF FRANKENSTEIN edited by Philip J. Riley (paperback)

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First printing since 1958!

Introduction by Richard A. Ekstedt

". . . and as the Baron Frankenstein has been adjudged responsible for the actions of the monster which he created . . . you are charged to carry out sentence of death by beheading. . "

So read the instructions on the warrant— but Frankenstein did not die!

This is the gruesome, horrific story of Frankenstein’s revenge which took the form of an operation to remove the brain from one man, and transplant it in another. Karl, the unfortunate victim of the Baron’s machinations, comes to a tragic end, tormented by his new-found freedom and, finally, destroyed by it.
Karl, the unfortunate victim of Baron Frankenstein’s experiments, is tormented
by his new-found freedom. But his tortured brain cannot grasp the fact that he is merely
the tool of the Baron and his assistant. And finally, Frankenstein’s gruesome work destroys
the brain he has transplanted. . .
A Hammer Film Production, Ltd. horror-drama
“The Revenge of Frankenstein” was distributed by
Columbia Pictures. Starring Peter Cushing,
Eunice Gayson, Francis Matthews and Michael
Gwynn, it is produced by Anthony Hinds and
Directed by Terence Fisher, Screenplay by Jimmy Sangster 

ISBN 9781593933753