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ISBN 978-1-59393-496-5


When Dracula and Frankenstein became box office hits for Universal, Carl Laemmle Jr. immediately ordered that sequels be written for both films. Scripts were prepared, but Junior's choice of director, James Whale, had enough of monster films and was doing everything he could to avoid them.


Finally in 1935, after getting out of shooting Dracula's Daughter, Whale agreed to direct The Return of Frankenstein.

In this volume is the final shooting script by John L. Balderston. He added more scenes from the novel, such as the monster hiding in a peasant's hut and learning to read and speak, but Whale thought his version of the Monster's personality too brutish and evil.


He wrote a new script with screenwriter William Hurlbut, added new characters, such as Mini and Dr. Pretorius, keeping Balderston's script as just an outline. Most historians and fans feel that when Return of Frankenstein was renamed Bride of Frankenstein that it became the most beloved film in Universal's Classic Monster films.

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