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THE RAVEN (paperback)

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THE RAVEN - By Eunice Sudak- Volume 3 in Philip J. Riley's Nightmare Series

Who was the raven?
What was his diabolical errand?
Could anyone ignore the warning from beyond the grave?
Do you dare to spend one night in Dr. Scarabus’ sinister castle
Will your heart stand the suspense?
Is your stomach strong enough to bear the brutal torture of an innocent girl?
And what of the wanton, lustful, beauty whose name was Lenore?
Introduction by Richard A Ekstedt
Interviews with Roger Corman, Vincent Price, Richard Matheson
by Lawrence French
"The Raven" was released by American International Pictures, 1963
and starred Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Peter Lorre and a young Jack Nicholson

‘“This book, and others in The Nightmare Series,” explains Richard Ekstedt in his introduction to The Raven, “belong to a rapidly fading-to-extinction series of filmbooks that were never reprinted, for the most part, and would have vanished from memory,” if not for the efforts of publishers Philip J. Riley and Ben Ohmart.

‘Kudos as well to Eunice Sudak, author of the original 1963 novelization, for her wonderfully atmospheric and visually descriptive adaption of Richard Matheson’s AIP screenplay. Also of note are Lawrence French’s supplementary interviews with Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, and Richard Matheson, recalling their own experiences during the making of The Raven. This is an especially fun volume, not only for veterans of the film—who can easily imagine all those familiar faces—Karloff, Price, Lorre, Hazel Court, and Jack Nicholson as they read—but also for the uninitiated who’ve yet to see the film (though they’ll probably want to afterward). Highly recommended.

‘For those readers who prefer their horror in a Hammer vein, this novelization of Jimmy Sangster’s The Revenge of Frankenstein fits the bill perfectly. Written in period vernacular, its narrative ambiance is filled with cobwebbed atmosphere. The darkened recesses of the theater of the mind will unleash a whole new dimension of subconscious fright.

‘The film poster readers: We Dare You To See It! We Double-Dare You To Forget It!’ So, let us add: “We Triple-Dare You To Read It!”
- Filmfax