The Radio Adventures Of Sax Rohmer’s Fu Manchu (hardback)
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The Radio Adventures Of Sax Rohmer’s Fu Manchu (hardback)

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ISBN 9781629338958

The notorious Dr. Fu Manchu was a mad scientist, intent upon conquering the world, but was continually foiled by the British policemen Sir Denis Nayland Smith and Dr. Petrie, in thirteen novels (1913–59), written by Sax Rohmer.  The first of the Fu Manchu novels was The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu, published in the U.S. as The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu. A master poisoner and chemist, he chose to dispose of his enemies  using members of other secret societies, pythons, cobras, poisonous fungi and black spiders. He found guns or explosives to be mundane. And like many blood and thunder devices of literary fiction, he remained more elusive and mysterious, seldom making an appearance. He almost always sends his minions to commit crimes for him.

The fictional criminal mastermind was not only depicted in numerous motion-pictures, but also on radio. Documenting an aspect of the Fu Manchu franchise that has rarely been explored, the multiple radio incarnations are documented, both coast-to-coast network productions and the local regional ones dramatized in the 1930s. Other Sax Rohmer stories adapted for radio are documented, along with dozens of photographs and vintage advertisements. On top of all this, the 1944 Molle Mystery Theatre radio script is reprinted in its entirety. (A recording of that broadcast is not known to exist in recorded form.) For fans of both old-time radio and the fictional Fu Manchu, this is a must-have reference guide.