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Don Andrea Vega, a playboy with a license to kill.

 “Mob boss Philip Vega is back. As author Janette Anderson did with Sons of the Father, the first novel in the Philip Vega series, she has carefully woven a complex fabric of criminal enterprise and family entanglements in the power and the glory. It's time for Vega to pass the torch to his favorite son, but as we know by now, nothing in his life ever goes as planned. Betrayal, treachery, deception… all in a day's work for the head of Los Angeles organized crime. the power and the glory will keep you turning pages all the way to its uncompromising climax.”
– Mike Dennis, audiobook narrator/producer

“Janette Anderson's final novel in the Philip Vega saga has so many twists and turns, that finally even I know who my character is.”
Joe Lando, actor

“From Janette Anderson’s diminutive frame bursts a powerhouse of energy, wit and story telling. This prolific crime drama author borrows from her own fascinating and often enviable life experiences to produce novels that are impossible to put down and beg to be made into movies."
Catherine Mary Stewart, actress

“Janette's pen is as sharp as her wit.  Get ready for a roller coaster ride!”
Duke Fenady, writer and producer

“After being swept up by Philip Vega in Sons of the Father, now with 'the power and the glory', Janette has delivered a walloping tale of forbidden love and the ultimate betrayal.”
Jim Byrnes, writer and producer

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