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THE MOMENT by Legendary Psychic Kenny Kingston as told to Valerie Porter

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2013 Best Book of the Year - Classic Images

For each of us, there is a moment that defines our life-changes our life-shapes our destiny. Recognizing this moment is necessary in order to become stronger and to appreciate our life and the people in it.

For actress/singer Michele Lee, it was overcoming fear and appearing on Broadway with two week's notice. Helen Gurley Brown was fired from an advertising job but went on to become editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Author and Vanity Fair columnist Dominick Dunne's beloved daughter was murdered, yet it began a wonderful new chapter of his life. Comedienne Phyllis Diller thought she'd "bombed" onstage yet it was the night she was discovered by Bob Hope.  

These and many other celebrities reveal their personal turning points in The Moment. Their stories are not so different from ours. Triumphs and tragedies are universal.

Psychic/medium Kenny Kingston has shared in the lives of countless celebrated personalities as their spiritual counselor and friend. Through private counseling, motivational lectures and numerous appearances on radio and television, he's inspired people to examine their lives, recognize the people and events that play important roles, and learn to not let opportunities pass by. Throughout The Moment he shares this advice with readers. With chapters such as Don't Wait for Life to Happen to You; What a Difference a Day Made; and Stop Fearing and Start Living, he'll share why something seemingly painful may actually be a stepping stone to a bright future and why a supposedly insignificant person or event may be an energizing force in shaping our destiny.

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