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THE KING FAMILY COOKBOOK compiled & edited by Xan Albright with Erin Albright and Tina Cole (paperback)

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Originally christened "America's First Family of Song,"
The King Family exploded onto the national entertainment
scene in l965. Centered around the popular talents and rich
harmonies of Grammy® nominated Big Band era greats The
King Sisters, along with bandleader and guitar virtuoso Alvino
Rey, the entire family displayed on weekly national television
the musical talents of its 37 members, spanning three
generations. Following just two dazzling appearances on ABCTV's
"The Hollywood Palace," The King Family became one of
the most popular and beloved television, recording and
concert acts of the 1960's and 70's.

The King Sisters, a popular recording group with a
unique 4-part harmony sound, began performing with the
Horace Heidt Orchestra in the late 1930's. As they continued
into the 40's and 50's with bandleader Artie Shaw, and
eventually joining the Alvino Rey band, they became one of
the leading attractions of the day on records, radio, movies
and the concert stage.

As the King Sisters' own families expanded, the musical
magic was eventually captured in 1965 in their own weekly
ABC-TV show, featuring not only the King Sisters and Alvino Rey,
but all the aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, and little kiddies of 37
members. This initial TV series would spawn a show-business
phenomenon that over the next decade would encompass 17
television specials, including holiday specials, 6 top-selling
albums for Warner Bros., and a second TV series. During these
years, the family's schedule also included record-breaking
engagements at the nation's top concert venues including
sold-out performances at The Hollywood Bowl, nightclub
engagements in Las Vegas, Reno, and Lake Tahoe,
appearances at Disneyland, and a "King Family Day" at the
New York World's Fair.

The King Family continued to appear together in concert
and on television throughout the 1970's and The King Sisters
continued into the 1980's. In 1985 the Sisters were one of the
featured performers at President Reagan's Inaugural Ball and in
2004, The King Family's unique place among the pantheon of
entertainers associated with the holidays, including Andy
Williams and Judy Garland, was celebrated as part of the
BRAVO Television Network's documentary "The Christmas
Special Christmas Special."

The King Family has recently produced a new public
television special, their first in three decades, the first ever CD
releases of their albums, and a planned return to the concert
stage. There have been many changes and additions to the
family over the past four decades (the head count at a recent
family reunion exceeded 150!) but one thing has remained the
same over the years-their love of being together as a family.
And whether it's a warm and cozy Christmas caroling party, a
niece's elegant wedding reception, or a good old-fashioned
Fourth of July picnic, there is always an abundance of enticing
and delicious home-cooked food around, from the wonderful
recipes that have become part of this family's tradition.

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