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The Hollywood Canteen (audiobook)

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The Hollywood Canteen: Where the Greatest Generation Danced With the Most Beautiful Girls in the World
by Lisa Mitchell and Bruce Torrence, read by Nat Segaloff

The Hollywood Canteen was the jewel in the crown of World War II Hollywood. From 1942 to 1945, over three million servicemen came through its doors on their way to fight in the Pacific — some never to return. There, in a converted barn in the heart of Hollywood, soldiers were fed, entertained by and danced with some of the biggest stars in the world. The Canteen was free to all servicemen or women, regardless of race, inviting them to jive to the music of Kay Kyser and Harry James, laugh at Bob Hope’s jokes, be handed sandwiches by Rita Hayworth, or dance with Hedy Lamarr. Knowing they were so appreciated, the soldiers were armed with the kinds of hope and encouragement that would help them win a war.

"The Hollywood Canteen: Where The Greatest Generation Danced With The Most Beautiful Girls In The World" is the only complete history of the Canteen. Meticulously researched, it is filled with exclusive interviews and over 160 evocative photographs that preserve the memories that would otherwise be lost.

"Here’s a welcome look inside the nightclub/restaurant co-founded by Bette Davis and John Garfield to entertain servicemen during World War II. While it’s been mentioned in many surveys of 1940s Hollywood (and was the subject of a Warner Bros. feature film) this book chronicles the history of the institution, offering facts and figures along with personal anecdotes. Best of all, it is profusely illustrated, with many shots of stars (from Marlene Dietrich to Orson Welles) who volunteered there."
- Leonard Maltin