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THE GOOD MUSIC TRIVIA BOOK by Mel Simons (paperback)

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“They wrote the songs that made the whole world sing.” Anyone lucky enough to have experienced the music of singers like Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis, Rosemary Clooney, Barry Manilow and dozens more, will love the quizzes in Mel Simons’ latest book, The Good Music Trivia Book.
Mel Simons, a trivia historian, entertainer and humorist, has once again given us a book that will bring back wonderful memories, while, at the same time, providing
us with fun-filled hours as we tackle his comprehensive and varied quizzes.
Mel has been acclaimed for his previous quiz books which include The Old-Time Radio Trivia Book and The Old-Time Television Trivia Book and his books of personal conversations and photos such as Old-Time Radio Memories and Voices From the Philco.