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The captivating lives and groundbreaking accomplishments of fourteen men who dared to gamble their reputations by appearing in the first motion pictures are explored in a richly researched new book, The First Male Stars: Men of the Silent Era. At a time when other actors in the "legitimate theater" scorned the industry, these amazing men not only defied the odds of success but also received a place at the heights of a fascinating business that was a new form of art. Each made an enduring and important contribution to early cinema, although some are forgotten today. Exhaustive research in every major archive of the world has created this compilation of information and images. In this engaging and educational volume, author David W. Menefee reaches into the vaults of history to withdraw countless, unusual details that tell how these men, their roles, and their influence were received in their time, and how their powerful impact still lingers today. The book includes 114 rare scene photos, portraits, reproductions of full-page film advertisements, and lobby cards.

Actors include: John Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore, Richard Barthelmess, John Bunny, Francis X. Bushman, Lon Chaney, Jackie Coogan, William S. Hart, Tom Mix, Antonio Moreno, Jack Pickford, Wallace Reid, Rudolph Valentino, and Crane Wilbur.


David W. Menefee was born in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, one of a long line of Menefees. His oldest known relative is William L. Menefee, born ca. 1796 in Knox County, Tennessee. In 1830, he and his wife Agnes (Sutherland) and their seven children moved to Jackson County, Texas. The settlement grew steadily, and for a time was known as Jarett Menefee's Supply Station. The settlement was eventually named “Bucksnort,” and according to local legend, the name was coined by an inebriated patron of the saloon. The Menefee family has been commemorated with a Texas Historical Marker #3332.
David’s writing career began in 1979 as a writer and marketing representative for the Dallas Times Herald during an era characterized by fierce competition with a rival, the Dallas Morning News. In 1991, the Dallas Morning News bought out their competitor, closed its doors, and within weeks, razed the building to the ground. Associates from the Dallas Morning News invited David to join their operation. They combined their circulation with subscribers obtained in their acquisition of the Dallas Times Herald. David took on leadership responsibilities with their locally produced version of Parade Magazine, for which he contributed many articles.
Like many of his contemporaries, David broke away from the newspaper industry in 2003 when failing economics forced many publications to downsize or close altogether. He struck out on his own as a freelance writer, immediately finding success as the accredited author of:
Sarah Bernhardt: In the Theater, Film and Sound Recordings (McFarland 2003)
The First Female Stars: Women of the Silent Era (Greenwood/Praeger 2004)
The First Male Stars: Men of the Silent Era (BearManor Media 2008)
Richard Barthelmess: A Life in Pictures (BearManor Media 2009)
George O’Brien: A Man’s Man in Hollywood (BearManor Media January 2010)
“Otay!” The Billy “Buckwheat” Thomas Story (BearManor Media March 2010)
Wally: The True Wallace Reid Story (BearManor Media December 2010)
The Remarkable Mr. Messing (Menefee Publishing, Inc. 2011)
Brothers of the Storm (Menefee Publishing, Inc. 2011)
The Rise and Fall of Lou-Tellegen (Menefee Publishing, Inc. 2011)
MARGOT CRANSTON The Secret of the St. Lawrence Lighthouse (Menefee Publishing, Inc. 2011)
MARGOT CRANSTON The Mystery at Loon Lake (Menefee Publishing, Inc. 2011)
MARGOT CRANSTON The Quest for the Jade Dragons (Menefee Publishing, Inc. 2011)
In collaboration with Richard J. Maturi, he recently wrote the new screenplay for Triple Crown.
As ghost writer, David has written:
Slaves to Medicine by accredited author Dr. George Beauchamp (Brown Books 2006)
Lilian Hall-Davis: The English Rose, by accredited author Richard Davis (unpublished)
A Craving for Travel by accredited author Jim Strong (Brown Books 2009)
Texting Harry by accredited author Connie Podesta (Brown Books 2010)
As editor, David has supervised the creation of:
Sonnets by Robert Brown (Brown Books 2006)
Downtown Dallas, Romantic Past, Modern Renaissance by Mark Rice (Brown Books 2006)
James Best Autobiography (BearManor Media 2009)
Burlesque: A Living History (BearManor Media 2009)
When Game Shows Ruled Daytime TV by Norm Blumenthal (BearManor Media 2010)
Six Cult Films From The Sixties by Ib Melchior (BearManor Media 2010)
Now and Then, The Movies Get It Right by Neal Stannard (BearManor Media 2010)
Endless Summer: My Life With The Beach Boys by Jack Lloyd. (BearManor Media 2010)
Will the Real Me Please Stand Up by Christopher Knopf (BearManor Media 2010)
Tales from the Script by Gene Perrett (BearManor Media 2009)
Best in Hollywood: The Good. The Bad. The Beautiful by James Best (BearManor Media 2009)
Burlesque: A Living History by Jane Briggeman (BearManor Media 2009)
Johnny Olson: A Voice in Time by Randy West (BearManor Media 2009)
Radio Remembered: The Ultimate Guide to the Oral History of the Golden Age of Radio by Dave Siegel
     (BearManor Media 2010)
Confessions of a Scream Queen by Matt Beckoff (BearManor Media 2010)
From Cyrano to Magoo: My Years with José Ferrer and Jim Backus by Jack Lloyd  (BearManor Media
Little Girl in Big Pictures by Marilyn Knowlden  (BearManor Media 2011)
David is currently working as a full-time book editor, and as the author of several new fiction and nonfiction works.   
David lives in Dallas, Texas, USA.

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