The Era That Time Forgot – Volume One (hardback)
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The Era That Time Forgot – Volume One (hardback)

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The Era That Time Forgot – Volume One

by B. Harrison Smith


250 pages


ISBN 9798887713755




I was seven when I sat enthralled in a dark theatre watching The Land That Time Forgot. Three years later I was on a car roof watching a double bill of The People That Time Forgot and At the Earth's Core, in our town's last drive-in.


I watched Motel Hell in that same drive-in three years later and it kept me awake for weeks after.


These were just some of the films of legendary director KEVIN CONNOR and there would be more.

His work was the great stuff of late summer night HBO.


Explore how these classics were made from Connor's own accounts and thrill to a time in filmmaking when things were fun, films were fun and we had a good time with dinosaurs, beautiful primitive women and fantastical creatures.


An era that time forgot...


B Harrison Smith is the filmmaker known for The Fields, Camp Dread, Death House, The Special and Where the Scary Things Are. He is the author of The Making of Leprechaun, Making the Last Dinosaur and the personal history of horror with This Time It's Personal.