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ISBN  9781629331652

Learn from the following actors and actresses what it was like for the feature players of Hollywood working in films during its Golden Era. Read of their often humorous and exciting stories as they lived out their lives & careers behind and in front of the camera.

Featured in this volume:

Peter Adams
John Agar
Chris Alcaide
John Alvin
John Anderson
Richard Anderson  
Michael Ansara
John Archer
R.G. Armstrong
Luke Askew                          
George Barrows
Gregg Barton
Billy Barty
Hal Baylor
Ed Begley
Billy Benedict
James Best
Lyle Bettger
Whit Bissell
Lane Bradford
Robert Bray
Rand Brooks
James Brown
Robert Brubaker
William Bryant
William Campbell
Harry Carey Jr.
Olive Carey
Anthony Caruso
Wally Cassell
Virginia Christine
Matt Clark
John Cliff
Phyllis Coates
Tristram Coffin
Faith Domergue
Robert Donner
John Doucette
Robert Douglas
Warren Douglas                             
Andrew Duggan
Sam Edwards               
Jack Elam
Ross Elliott                         
Robert Emhardt
Richard Emory
Leif Erickson
Gene Evans
Jason Evers
Tommy Farrell
Fritz Feld
Evelyn Finley
Terry Frost

About the Authors

Tom and Jim Goldrup, sons of Eugene and Fernita (McKillop) Goldrup, were born in Palo Alto, California, and raised in the historic town of Sonoma in that state. They, with older brothers Bill and Ray, had a strong love of the movies, which was aided by their father building their first television set in 1949. After growing to adulthood, Ray made a living as a screenplay writer, and Tom and Jim pursued a less successful career as actors. They also turned to writing, having a book, Growing Up on the Set, a book based on former child performers in Hollywood, published in 2001. They have also interviewed over one hundred and fifty actors—these interviews serve as the basis for this book. They reside in Ben Lomond, California, where they are active in the local theater. In between their writing and acting they enjoy travel, having recently visited Nepal and India where they trekked in the Himalaya Mountains.