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ISBN 9781593937676

Who did Jimmy Durante always say good night to? 

Name the comedian that played Fat Albert. 

Why did Carol Burnett always touch her ear lobe at the end of her TV show? 

You loved their comedy. See how well you know the comics who made you laugh out loud for decades! Mel Simons knows his trivia. The Comedians Trivia Book allows you to test your knowledge of men and women of comedy, and have fun and laugh along with your trivial pursuit.

Featured entertainers include Alan King, Art Carney, W. C. Fields, Red Buttons, Bob Hope, Carol Burnett, Don Rickles, Don Adams, Carl Reiner, Rodney Dangerfield, Shelley Berman, Dick Van Dyke, George Kirby, Phil Silvers, Bob Newhart, Morey Amsterdam, Flip Wilson, Jonathan Winters, Foster Brooks, Rose Marie, Lucille Ball, Sid Caesar, George Gobel, Bill Cosby, George Burns and Gracie Allen, Jackie Gleason, Jerry Lewis, Bob & Ray, Abbott and Costello, Milton Berle, and many more.

As you work on the fun and varied quizzes, you will be transported back to wonderful memories of the great radio, TV, movie, and stand-up comics.

Mel Simons is an accomplished entertainer, musician, lecturer, author, and radio personality, as well as the quintessential trivia historian. He is the author of eleven books, including The Old-Time Radio Trivia Book, The Old-Time Television Trivia Book, Old-Time Radio Memories, The Show-Biz Trivia Book, Old-Time Television Memories, The Movie Trivia Book, Voices from the Philco, The Good Music Trivia Book, and The Mel Simons Joke Book: If It’s Laughter You’re After.

136 pages. Illustrated. Foreword by Fred Diodati, lead singer of The Four Aces.

Listen to an audio interview with Mel Simons by clicking here.

Listen to another audio interview with Mel Simons by clicking here.