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THE BICKERSONS SCRIPTS VOL. 1 by Philip Rapp and Ben Ohmart

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The FIRST book of Bickersons radio scripts ever assembled! Contains episodes from Drene Time, The Old Gold Show and a complete TV script written for the unaired animated series!

Review from Classic Images/Laura Wagner
BearManor media rounds up thirteen previously unpublished scripts in, the appropriately title, The Bickersons Scripts: Volume One by Philip Rapp, edited by Ben Ohmart. The Bickerson skits started on radio's Drene Time on December 15, 1946; this first script kicks off the volume, with the rest being from The Old Gold Show (six scripts, including the non-Bickerson material on the show, featuring Frank Morgan) and five scripts from the 1951 full half-hour Bickersons, with Lew Parker taking over for Ameche. The last script is a rarity: an unperformed show intended for a proposed TV version.
      If you like good comedy, you'll love this book--truly one of the funniest books of this, or any, year. True, some situations (and jokes) are carried from show to show, but the fun is in the barbs, John Bickerson's attempts to sleep, his dreadful snoring, Blanche Bickerson's talkativeness while her husband is trying to sleep, plus her constant nagging and insecurities.
       If you're a radio fan, snap this one up, or just get this if you need cheering up; either way you'll be satisfied. Credit Ben Ohmart for bringing back this material for a while new audience, as well as for true radio buffs. Philip Rapp's clever, often very hilarious, routines are finally assembled in book form for all to laugh along with.

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