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THE BEAR WHO LIVED AT THE PLAZA (audiobook) by Ward Morehouse III

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Ward Morehouse III was a columnist, a playwright, a TV host, sometime critic and an
author. He has lived with a tribe of Indians in the Amazon and he has sat on the aisle
on many Broadway opening nights. Ward has written 11 books including London’s
Grand Hotels and his most recent book Millennium Biltmore: A Grand Hotel Born
of Hollywood Dreams. Ward was a staff correspondent for The Christian Science
Monitor for 10 years, a drama critic and columnist for Reuters in the early 1990s, the
Broadway columnist for The New York Post for five years and is currently a drama critic
for and New York theater and travel correspondent for HealthyLife.Net.

“Mr. Morehouse demonstrates a flair for flavorful, well-paced comic dialogue and a
keen command of the lore and spirit of a vanished Broadway era.”
—Frank Rich, in his New York Times review of Morehouse’s play, “The Actors.”

“Ward Morehouse III writes of the pleasures and scandals, of the hard facts of running
a hotel and of its romance. The hotel comes off well in the hands of its appreciative
—The New York Times Book Review Section on Morehouse’s book, “The Waldorf-Astoria: America’s Gilded Dream.”

“Ward Morehouse III is arguably one of the most fascinating people on the planet."
—Beatrice Williams Rude’s profile in Black Tie Magazine

Veteran Broadway press agent Richard Kornberg said of Ward on the New York Post:
“He was very diligent in  finding stories and announcing them. He listened. He found.
He had great contacts. So of course, it made the publicists crazy sometimes, because
you want to get the New York Times first. But Ward was the person that got everything;
he was the leader. He made everybody sit up and do their jobs...Ward was
really the man.”


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Review from Black Tie Magazine


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Fall 2015: The Author at a signing and reading at the Drama Book Shop on West 40th Street, New York City: