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The Atomic Submarine (hardback)

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ISBN  9781629333052

Best Film Book - The Phantom's Annual "B"wards 2019

Close Encounters of the Brr Kind

Beneath the polar ice, seven submarines have

been mysteriously destroyed. The Navy must stem

this tide of undersea disasters. They send

the fleet’s killer sub, the atom-powered Tiger

Shark, to the 5,000,000 square miles of Arctic

Ocean to neutralize our nation’s newest enemy.


Their adversary is not foreign but alien: an undersea flying saucer which they dub Cyclops.

The Tiger Shark rams Cyclops, its bow piercing the saucer’s hull, and the two crafts, locked together, sink to the frigid depths. To free their sub, the men of the Tiger Shark must coldly go where no man has gone before: into the saucer.

Where the greatest horror awaits.



- Original Shooting Script!

-“Making Of” Chapter

- Tribute to Producer

Alex Gordon

- Pressbook

and much more!


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