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ISBN  9781629331041 

Kings River Life Magazine: Best Books of 2017

He did not grow up on the Mississippi River, but he did illustrate comic strips, and he wrote produced, and directed films and television series that entertained hundreds of millions of people.

If you fondly remember Leonard Starr’s Mary Perkins Onstage, Stan Drake’s The Heart of Juliet Jones, Al Capp’s Li’l Abner, or Wonder Woman (1978), Chico and the Man (1978), All in the Family (1979), or Murder, She Wrote (1984-1996), then you’ve unknowingly been a Tom Sawyer fan for decades.
Discover Tom’s multiple exciting careers, from penciling and inking comic books at the age of twenty-two for Stan Lee, to top advertising illustrator, to award-winning filmmaker, and on through his Emmy and Edgar-nominated career in Hollywood to musical theatre and beyond.
This Tom Sawyer does not whitewash any fences. You will delight to his entertaining memories of Jerry Orbach, Angela Lansbury, Mary Tyler Moore, Mickey Rooney, Leonard Goldberg, Leonard Starr, Stan Drake, Al Capp, Ruth Terry, Milton Caniff, Lila Garrett, Mort Lachman, Howard Hughes, Jack Klugman, Buddy Hackett, Dick van Dyke, and Steve Lawrence.

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 “. . . a wildly entertaining testament to enjoying one’s life, finding ways to realize your dreams. And having worked with Tom for 12 lovely years, I can honestly say that he knows how to tell a great story.” - Angela Lansbury
“. . . way more than a memoir. Tom has written a totally entertaining guidebook for how to grab onto the fun-side of life, pursue your dreams, turn bummers into assets, thumb your nose at the bozos—and win the Game.” - William Link, Columbo co-creator

“. . . the veteran writer-producer tells his adventures with humor, pluck, and pizazz. He has an insider’s knowledge of the business that will appeal to aspiring Hollywood writers and fans alike.” - Paul Levine, bestselling author of Bum Rap
“. . . a splendid account of the evolution of a stellar career in television—of overcoming its challenges. Part Movie/TV-land tell-all, part entertainment industry treatise, and all impossibly fun!” - Jon Land, screenwriter and USA Today bestselling author

“Witty, surprisingly honest and impossible to put down . . . the guy's had more adventures than the fictional Tom Sawyer.”
- Dennis Palumbo, screenwriter (My Favorite Year)


“An intense funny autobiography that grabs hold of us and doesn’t let go until the end. Maybe not even then.”
- Lila Garrett – Radio Commentator, multiple Emmy-winning writer/director/producer

If you’ve been a fan of the TV show “Murder She Wrote” then the author of this book is no stranger toyou. You may have seen him jogging on Malibu Road or having a coffee in the center of Malibu. And ifyou’ve heard him speak you know that funny is his middle name.

I thought I’d heard his whole shtick. I hadn’t. Incredible, really.

Book Review by Pam Linn
The Malibu Times

Take a ride from the bottom step to the top of an escalator and join creative, insightful and tenacious TomSawyer on his journey to success. This screenwriter, author and director presents his life to readers in ahumorous, heartfelt and definitely creative way.

Tom tells readers that everyone deserves success, and it doesn’t matter what walk of life you are in,success comes to those who work at it, so network and never give up. He’s learned through experience,you have to be tireless in the pursuit of your dreams.

The unique information shared in this book, pulled from his life experiences -- good, bad and comicalhelps readers understand Sawyer’s great success.

Tenacious, flexible, smart, and intuitive are all ways to describe this fascinating man, and his life storycertainly makes for compelling reading.

Book Review by Fran Lewis The Fran Lewis Show

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