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ISBN  9781629334929


Take My Prostate…Please! is comedian Steve Bluestein’s delve into the world of prostate surgery. There are some people who enter a hospital and see only medicine. Steve Bluestein is different; he walks into a hospital and sees the comedy. When Steve was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he decided to document his four-month journey into the world of office appointments, medical tests and hospitalization as only he could see it.

Steve Bluestein was a founding member of the renowned comedy troupe, The Groundlings, and has worked with many of the greats in show business.  His career includes television, feature films, cable and personal appearances, as well as authoring award-winning plays. Steve’s last book, Memoir of a Nobody, has been critically acclaimed and is a reader’s favorite.

Steve’s long history in the entertainment industry touches all fields of endeavor. His sense of humor shows through in this book about surviving cancer.