Soldier: From Script to Screen (hardback)
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Soldier: From Script to Screen (hardback)

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Soldier: From Script to Screen
by Danny Stewart

144 pages
6 x 9 in. size

ISBN 9798887711140

Soldier: From Script to Screen includes:

An examination of the evolution of the western into a whole sub-genre of films and looks in detail behind the scenes of Soldier, one of the most obscure, overlooked, and underrated science fiction films.

A discussion of Soldier’s legacy and how it drew inspiration from George Steven’s 1953 western, Shane.

An Overview of the Career of Actor Kurt Russell.
An exclusive Interview with the Oscar-nominated Screenwriter David Webb Peoples.

An interview with the Oscar-nominated Production Designer David L. Snyder.

Interviews with Oscar-Winning/Nominated Make-up Artists Steve LaPorte and Peter Montagna.

Guest essays by John Hansen, Mark Stratton, and John Kenneth Muir.

Afterword by Paul M. Sammon, the author of: Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner, Conan the Phenomenon, and The Making of Starship Troopers.

And much more!

“Soldier, like many great films—Citizen Kane, It’s a Wonderful Life, Bonnie and Clyde—was dissed by the cognoscenti when it was first released. Danny Stewart saw it for what it was: an inspired blitzkrieg of special effects set against a dystopian nightmare, with cathartic possibilities. Featuring a career-defining performance by Kurt Russell that elevates the robotic—finally—into something human (if not super-human). Stewart puts it into the tradition of its classic forbears and makes a case for it being seen in their light. He places the part-Shane, part-Blade Runner, part-Terminator, part-Rocky, part-Unforgiven mongrel up where it belongs, in a book that never stints on research. With a plethora of interviews featuring almost everyone responsible for making it into the audio-visual smörgåsbord it turned out to be, he analyses it with the forensic skill of a surgeon, treasuring every inter-galactic frame. Buy this book!”
— Aubrey Malone, author of Shane - Paramount’s Classic Western

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