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Six Rode Home: A Novella (paperback)

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ISBN 9781629333335

ISBN 9781629333984

Award Winning Actor/ Award Winning Author Michael Dante.

The men and women; women who were disguised as men, fought for our independence and freedom during the Civil War. Those that survived made their journey home, not knowing what to expect. All those who fought in this war and all the wars that followed, experienced the same anxieties, fears, doubts and other unknown expectations upon their return to their families and the life they left behind. Time and wars change, but the painful emotions of war tom memories remain.

'Six Rode Home' is the story of six Southern horse soldiers, who fought together in the Civil War for four years and were now returning home. They were disappointed that the war was over because they were on the losing side, but also happy they survived, heading home to their loved ones. What they experienced in route were emotions of joy, sadness, horror and a hopeful anticipation for a new future of happiness. But, there was a lingering fear that what they were hoping to find, was not to be.

During this crucial period in American history, the North and the South had their ups and downs, and so did these six that rode home ... to what?

The F&L Primo review: 

Michael Dante is no stranger to Westerns. The actor possesses the natural good looks and athleticism to always be tall in the saddle. He starred in television shows such as “Daniel Boone,” “Custer,” “The Big Valley,” and in
feature length films such as “Apache Rifles,” “Arizona
Raiders,” and the role and film that made him a living
legend - “Winterhawk.”

In addition to acting, Dante is also a writer with screenplays and novellas to his credit. His chosen genre, of course, is the Western. His latest is the highly
entertaining and absorbing novella, “Six Rode Home.”

Dante is not unlike other Italians who embrace Confederate soldiers as main characters. Look no further than Sergio Leone and Sergio Corbucci, two pioneers of the Spaghetti Western, who preferred hero bounty hunters as Southern renegades and veterans. The romanticism and charm of the South attracks Italians.

The rugged environs of the Wild West appeal to our
collective sense of adventure.

“Six Rode Home” begins as the Civil War ends with men returning home. They are six hardened warriors: Cole, Big Black, Trotter, Pender, Jubal and Simpson. Their destination are the wild hinterlands beyond Tennessee. Some remain bitter at war’s end. Trotter captures the dark mood when he says, “I still got a war going inside my gut…tell me how to stop it…Four years of putting my life on the line and what do I have to show for it? I got no home, no money, nothing!” One half of the group, led by Cole, seeks to become ranchers and the other, led by Trotter, become outlaws. Big Black is a former slave who is Cole’s adopted brother. They make a formidable team against corruption and greed back home. Some men in the county got rich selling weapons to the North. Things come to head when a local Indian tribe is threatened by the land hungry ranchers.

"Six Rode Home” is the kind of story that made America the envy of the world. Westerns are universally famous. The genre appeals to people’s natural sense of right and wrong. The battle between good and evil is set in rugged plains, majestic hills and awesome mountains. The hero is noble but not afraid to use his rifle and revolver to the win the fight.

“Six Rode Home” is an engaging novella from beginning to end. Dante gives us characters that are approachable, definable and likable. The land, the story, the heroes and villains move us. “Six Rode Home” is a Western at its best. This is a wonderful book to be read by anyone and everyone who loves the majestic spirt of Americana.