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SIX REELS UNDER by David del Valle (paperback)

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Six Reels Under is a continuation of David Del Valle's first collection of offbeat Hollywood adventures, Lost Horizons Beneath the Hollywood sign, but this time around targeting the films and personalities that influenced a generation of Baby Boomers. From the first televised broadcast of genre classics like Dracula's Daughter on Shock Theater to the resurrection of the long lost first "mad Lab" epic, The Magician, on TCM, Del Valle's unique encounters with the reclusive leading ladies of both films is documented here for the first time in book form. The golden age of drive-in cult classics cinema is also well represented with excursions into cult classics such as Herk Harvey’s Carnival of Souls, Curtis Harrington's Night Tide and Mario Bava's Black Sunday. Six Reels Under will amuse and enlighten those film fanatics who demand their films to be transgressive and definitely Six Reels Under.

ISBN 9781593936969

About the author

David Del Valle is a recognized film historian and journalist, whose articles, blogs and DVD commentaries are well known to genre fans both here and abroad. His long-running Camp David column for Films In Review can be enjoyed every month at David conducted what is now considered the definitive on-camera interview with the legendary Vincent Price for his critically acclaimed DVD Vincent Price: The Sinister Image.