Sets and Numbers for the Very Young (ebook)
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Sets and Numbers for the Very Young (ebook)

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Sets and Numbers for the Very Young (Paperback)
Written by Irving and Ruth Adler
Illustrated by Peggy Adler

Nominated for a 2024 Indie Book Award

This boy has two ears with which he hears,
One nose that he blows.
Two lips with which he sips.
Two hands on which he sometimes stands.

This girl is on her way to school.
Her clothes are clean and neat.
She has two hats upon her head.
And one shoe on her feet.

Ears, lips, hands, feet, fingers, hats, shoes—all come in sets. Many things come in sets. They may be sets of ten or two, one or three or a thousand. A number tells how many.

With sets and numbers you learn about adding and taking away, about matching and comparing, about putting together and taking apart, about left and right, about before and after, about counting.

Open this book and begin to see all that you can learn from sets and numbers.

About the Authors:
whose book The New Mathematics was the first on its subject for the adult general reader, wrote this book for very young children with his wife Ruth. The holder of a Ph.D. in pure mathematics from Columbia University, Irving Adler taught  math at Columbia University as well as at Bennington College and was formerly head of the mathematics department of a New York City public high school.  Ruth Adler, who  taught mathematics in public schools In the Greater New York area, died in 1968.  Irving  Adler had 87 titles to his name when he passed away in 2012, at almost 100 years of age. His books were published in 31 countries, in 19 different languages. This book was originally published by New York's John Day Company in 1969.

About the Illustrator:
is the daughter of Irving and Ruth Adler and author of BearManor's Peggy’s Puzzles - Volume One (2023); Peggy’s Puzzles - Volume Two (2023)  and Pallenberg Wonder Bears - From The Beginning (2022). Previously, she authored the 2019, award winning pictorial history, Images of America CLINTON (Arcadia) and five books for New York City publishers (The John Day Company & Franklin Watts). Additionally, Ms Adler illustrated two dozen books and provided art for the Bronx Zoo; the Humane Society of the United States; Little, Brown & Company and many others. She also coordinated the 1969 World Premiere of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid for 20th Century Fox and in 1991, served as a consultant to the U.S. House of Representatives' October Surprise Task Force. She's a Marquis Who's Who Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement honoree; a 2001 recipient of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers' General Richard G. Stilwell Award; a former police commissioner; and currently chairs the Town of Clinton, Connecticut's Historic District Commission.