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RULES TO DIE BY by Janette Anderson (paperback)

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When Emma is taken by Marc Vega, her husband, Don Andrea Vega ,must go after her in anyway he can. As his own son's bodyguard, Vega must enter the world he created but this time as a blond-haired blue-eyed bodyguard to his own son Patrick Vega. Helped in his quest by Charlie Hill his friend from his mob-style past, finding Emma leads him to take out his own son...or does it?

“The effortless blending of colorful characters, intriguing relation-ships and suspenseful action are becoming the trademarks of Janette Anderson's novels.”            
-- Gary Daniels, Actor

“Add this to your list of guilty pleasures... great characters... Ms. Anderson's best work yet.”       
-- Joe Lando, Actor

“What a great take on one of the world’s favorite film and TV genres. Ms. Anderson tells a great story.”                          
-- Michael Paré, Actor

“An amazing story of love, devotion, and loyalty in a world where those things never come easily.”        
-- Lori M., Production Assistant

“It was an emotional journey writing this book. Close to the heart and based on the truth, a story to tell and it took a novel to do it, for I could not have written it as me.”                           
-- Janette Anderson, Author & Producer

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