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Rocking Horse - A Personal Biography of Betty Hutton (ebook)

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At the top she made millions- at the bottom she scrubbed floors in a parish priest house.  All the while she was making headlines around the world. What really happened?

There was never a more boisterous or vivacious movie star than Betty Hutton. She bulldozed her way in Hollywood with spirit and spunk and good humor through a string of hits during the 40's and 50's to a singing Annie Oakley in Irving Berlin's Annie Get Your Gun and that high flying  trapeze artist in The Greatest Show On Earth.  Her recordings demonstrated a boundless vocal range from zany romps to tear-stained ballads. Hutton's 1940's Big Band hits, her movies like The Perils of Pauline replaying constantly on television and video sales prove that Betty Hutton is back in style.  Or maybe she never really went away.  Now, here for the first time we have her story as related in her words about that life of one of the most popular Hollywood performers of her generation.  Misinterpreted, misquoted and often fictionalized in the past, the true story of her rise and fall and redemption is spoken here as only she could tell it.  

In Rocking Horse Betty Hutton speaks for herself - through recorded interviews before her passing in 2007- from her own point of view of the spectacle, stardom and nostalgia. Who should know better- she lived it!  She wanted her public to know the truth- they made her, stood by her through her ups and downs. This story Betty said is for them!