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ROCK & ROLL RECOLLECTIONS: A JOURNALIST'S 50-YEAR DIARY by William R. Chemerka (paperback)

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When Bill Chermerka was a boy, his pocket transistor radio was always tuned in to New York City’s big three Rock and Roll radio stations, WINS, WABC, and WMCA. He was weaned on Elvis Presley and Ricky Nelson, but his musical world turned upside down with the arrival of The Beatles. By 1966, he was playing electric bass in his first band. When he sent a critical letter about popular music to the editors of the Newark Evening News, New Jersey’s largest daily newspaper, he received a phone call back asking him to write a weekly music column titled “On the Record.” That job struck the downbeat for his fifty-year journey into the private worlds of the music industry’s biggest stars.

Rock & Roll Recollections: A Journalist's 50-Year Diary features an interesting and revealing compilation of interviews, conversations, and anecdotes about a diverse lineup of Rock, Pop, and Soul performers. Discover his unique glimpses into the professional and personal lives of musical performers who have made important contributions to the world of popular music, such as The Ramones, The Beach Boys, John Beland, Phil Collins, Peter Criss, Danny and the Juniors, Judas Priest, Meat Loaf, Motörhead, Peter Noone, Platinum Hook, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Van Halen, The Who, The Young Rascals, ZZ Top, and many more.  

17 chapters. About 300 pages with a dozen photos and illustrations.

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