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ISBN 9781629331201

ISBN 9781629335360

“Robert Wise remains one of the great architects of American movies of this last century; the steady, easy personality, hiding a will of steel that allowed him to guide his movies with a hand of knowledge, and authority, and soar in every single genre he undertook.  With one of the most wide-ranging careers of any filmmaker ever, J.R. Jordan’s book more than does Robert Wise justice in critically assessing his incredibly versatile work, as well as honoring the man who quietly created some of the finest and most famous movies of all time.”

- C. Courtney Joyner

Author of The Westerners: Interviews with Actors, Directors, Writers, and Producers


“Meticulous research by J.R. Jordan makes this a thorough study of director Robert Wise, which classic film fans will appreciate.  Jordan examines the body of Wise’s work in a film-by-film journey, his information woven neatly with interviews of participants providing the voices.  They are the soundtrack, and Jordan’s careful presentation of the material is the long tracking shot that lures us into a sudden, sharp, and breathtaking close-up, echoing the director’s own careful craftsmanship.”

- Jacqueline T. Lynch

Author of Ann Blyth: Actress. Singer. Star.


“With this extremely readable volume film historian J.R. Jordan gives us a rigorous examination of Robert Wise’s career and contributions to American cinema.  Wise often goes underappreciated but Jordan does this pioneer justice.  Jordan’s prose is accessible and uncompromising at once.  This book is a must read for anyone who appreciates the gift of cinema to humanity.”

- Tony Kashani

Author of Movies Change Lives: Pedagogy of Constructive Humanistic Transformation Through Cinema (Minding the Media)

 "Robert Wise: The Motion Pictures is a book published by Bear Manor Media, who offer up countless show business related books of a sort that are unlikely to be spotted in a local bookstore (actually, these days, local bookstores can be hard to spot!) They specialize in the type of books that you see and then remark, "Man, I thought I was the only person who would want a book on him!" I encourage you to read this book as it offers a wealth of information about a man whose career with movies spanned half a century and yielded a wide array of acclaimed movies. I learned a lot from it and left with a stronger appreciation for the man's cinematic contributions."
- Poseidon's Underworld

About the Author:

J.R. Jordan is a motion picture historian and is also the author of Showmanship: The Cinema of William Castle.

“If you’re a Robert Wise fan, this is the book for you.”
– Nicholas Meyer: Author, Screenwriter, Director
“J.R. Jordan’s examination of Wise’s work and influence behind the camera is well-researched and offers a fine overview of the multi-talented Wise.”
– Hometowns to Hollywood

“There are some filmmakers whose work is so surprisingly disparate, their genius gets lost in the floodlights shined on more focused artists. In crisp, clear prose, J.R. Jordan captures the complexity of the career of one of these fascinating filmmakers, Robert Wise.”
– Walter C. Metz: Co-Editor of Film Criticism

“A book you will particularly enjoy once you’ve seen the films.”
– Stars and Letters

“J.R. Jordan’s book avoids the gossipy as well as the memoir-driven approach typical of too many film-focused tomes these days.”
– Cinebeats

“Director Robert Wise, remembered mostly for West Side Story and The Sound of Music, receives a much needed and long overdue examination with this excellent book by J.R. Jordan.”
– Strictly Vintage Hollywood

“J.R. Jordan tackles each film in Wise's impressive directorial career with an accessible, well-observed approach that will appeal to both historians and the general movie fan alike.”
– Deep Focus Review

“Robert Wise is generally forgotten amongst the auteurs of his time, but J.R. Jordan rightfully places him into the conversation of the important directors of his age.”
– Zach Dennis, host of the Cinematary podcast

“J.R. Jordan discusses the details of the films’ making with the perfect balance between brevity and elaboration. He is not trying to give I.A.L. Diamond any competition, nor does he think he is Bosley Crowther.”
– Pure Entertainment Preservation Society

“All meat and no fat, J.R. Jordan’s book is a focused, thorough, and informative exploration of the protean director’s brilliant filmography.”
– Pavel Klein, Florida Film Critics Circle

“The format of the book is well laid out. It takes a look at each of the movies that Wise directed in chronological order.”
– The Midnite Drive-In

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