Ride the Giant Wolf by Robert C. Wahl (paperback)
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Ride the Giant Wolf by Robert C. Wahl (paperback)

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It was a time of great discovery... before the coming of the white man. The Great Plains was a sprawling land filled with taraha, hordes of plodding beasts, and a tribe known as the Wolf Pa’ni. A young man, strong with a restless spirit, goes in search of a dream, a vision, and makes a discovery so remarkable it changes life as he knows it, occurring amid the backdrop of chaos, war, and love. It began in a place called Tuh-parisu and spanned across prairie, mountains, and desert, and came full circle leading to a confrontation between two men—enemies. One was armed with bow and arrow and fought for pride. The other fought for peace. This is a story of adventure, a journey through the raw wilderness…

ISBN 9781593933883

About the Author

Robert C. Wahl is a former television news reporter in Augusta, Georgia, where he also worked at the Augusta National Golf Club. He currently lives in his home town of Toledo, Ohio. He has published two children’s books and is now working on another novel.